Consulting Services

Web Site Needs Assessment

Are you starting up a new business? Do you have a web site that you hate and know you need to change it? Or do you think you may want a web site, but are overwhelmed by all the techno-babble?

For a flat fee of $250, Applied Interfaces will sit down with you; talk about your business plan, goals and budget; and provide you with a written report about your company's web site needs. This is a document that you can append to your business plan, or simply use as a guide when you talk to hosts, developers and graphic designers.

And if you choose to continue with Applied Interfaces for your web site design and development needs, the cost of this report will be deducted from the cost of your web site development!

User Testing

Everyone on the project team thinks the application is perfect...but have you checked with the people who are actually going to use the site?

Informal user testing with as few as 5 people can uncover major flaws that make the difference between an application that will require post-launch fixes versus an application your clients will love.

Applied Interfaces can perform user testing with real-world scenarios. Please contact us for details and our hourly rates.

Web Site Accessibility Assessment

Is your web site compatible with Accessibility tools such as screen readers? Could it be easily navigated by using the keyboard alone?

It is estimated that 10-20% of the population that uses the web has some form of disability. But these numbers don't take into account an aging population that will develop everyday disabilities - such as nearsightedness or loss of agility in their hands - in the near future.

Have Applied Interfaces review your web site's accessibility compliance and provide you with recommendations for implementing the necessary changes to make your site accessible to as many people as possible. We can also make the changes for you if you desire.

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